Block scroll when sidenavbar active on iPad view


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When I’m in mobile view, I’m able to block the scroll when I click on the menu toggle:
toggle button

toggle-close button

It’s quit simple because I can get the element I want. However, when on iPad or tablet, the CSS considered it as a mobile, when I click outside the navbar, it close the sidenavbar or it close it without clicking on the cross. Furthermore, the view is not the same:
iPad/tablet view

And so, I can’t get the view that is not the sidenavbar, because any DOM element is defined as “the rest”. I tried a lot of things but I can’t get the element I want to say “when I click outside the navbar” start again the scrolling, because the “start again the scrolling” is activated when I click on the cross showed in image previously. Here is my code for the mobile scroll:

if (isMobile) {
jQueryG3(‘#menu-toggle’).click( () => {
// Au moment du click, l’état de la navbar sera fermée, donc c’est dans le else qu’il faut stopper le scroll
if (jQueryG3(‘#navbar’).hasClass(‘open’)) {
top: scrollPosModal,
position: ”,
overflow: ”
} else {
scrollPosModal = doc.scrollTop()
top: -scrollPosModal,
position: ‘fixed’,
overflow: ‘hidden’

So I would like to know how to say “start scroll” when I click outside the sidenavbar. In addition to that, I can’t defined my view as mobile when I’m on iPad, because I want it to be like that.

Sorry for my bad english and I hope you could help me !

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